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Dr. Marjorie Farnsworth, PhD, is a clinical hypnotherapist trained by Dr. Philip Holder, one of the foremost hypnotherapists and trainers in the United States; he is a past president of the International Association of Medical & Dental Hypnotherapists. Marjorie brings to her clients the compassion of life experience and the determination of a corporate manager. She is a professional member of  IMDHA (International Medical & Dental Hypnotherapists Assoc.). 

Unlike many mental health professionals who take a textbook view of therapy and have never left the university or the medical world, Dr. Marjorie brings to hypnotherapy a solid background in real life, including 25 years as a corporate middle manager for the Fortune 500, where she was a project manager in international logistics. She brings to therapy that same can-do, practical, results-oriented attitude that brought her success as a manager.

Besides her Basic and Advanced Master certification in clinical hypnotherapy, Marjorie has the perspective of having traveled all over the world, and earning advanced degrees in other fields. Marjorie holds an MA in Chinese Literature from the University of Chicago, an MBA from the University of Missouri-Columbia, and a BA from Mount Holyoke College in Asian Studies. She has traveled to Europe, Australia, China and Russia, and lived in Taiwan for over 2 years.  Marjorie received her PhD in Transpersonal Psychology in 2016.

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