Other Uses for Hypnotic Regression

Besides the exploration of past lives, hypnotic regression can help us to get to the root cause of, for example, panic attacks or hair pulling. It can also be used to help a person remember where they misplaced an object, such as an expensive piece of jewelry.

A Brief Case Study: Using Hypnotic Regression for Panic Attacks

Years ago, a young woman came in who was expecting a child. She was having panic attacks about whether the pregnancy would go well, and also had a chronic fear that her husband would abandon her. However, she could find no basis in reality for these terrible fears and the ensuing panic attacks.

I induced hypnosis, suggesting that she go back in time to whatever memory would help her the most with the present. We went back, and back, and back – all the way back to when she was still a fetus in her own mother’s womb. Her father had been a drunk and a womanizer; her mother constantly feared that he would abandon her. As a fetus, she unconsciously absorbed and took on all her mother’s fears. When she herself became pregnant, the fears she had taken on as a fetus were triggered and activated. We worked through all the fears until they were neutralized.

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