Past Life Regression

Knowing more about previous lives may help you to understand problems, interests and health issues in this life. Using the deep daydream which is hypnotherapy, I help you to relax and ride back in time by any means appealing to you. For example, some people ride back on a cloud, a flying unicorn, an old car or a magic carpet.

No matter what your flight back in time may turn up, there is no need to worry. I will be right there the whole time, holding the space for you and guiding you along. As you arrive at each destination, I will be asking you questions to help you to maximize your experience. Questions like, is it day or night? Are you inside or outside?

A Brief Case Study

Years ago, a woman with birth defects in her hands and arms came to see me. She wanted to know if the birth defects were a karmic punishment for some misdeed in a previous life. I induced hypnosis, and invited her to go back to whatever memory would help her the most with the present. She went back to a lifetime in nineteenth century potato famine Ireland. She described an entire lifetime in detail, including many heart-breaking events and misfortunes.

When I brought her back to the present, she was happy, relaxed, and satisfied that she had found the answer she needed. She realized that the birth defects were not some karmic punishment. She also gained insight into why she is the mainstay of her entire family in this lifetime.

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